What a slacker

I have let work and family and everything just run amock with me lately. I am back and am gonna commit myself to at least one blog post a week from here on out. I know I am only really talking to myself since almost no one reads this but I am ok with that too. Almsot like a little public diary of the garden and hopefully, one day the farm.

I just got done yesterday tearing down the pallet garden from last year and am planning on a scaled down garden this year. hopefully next week I can get some new dirt and get my pots set up and ready. Also gonna try and get some seeds goingin the next couple weeks so we have a better tomato and pepper harvest.

Thanks for reading and I will start getting more pictures again soon.




What a week

Sorry for the delay in an update, work has been crazy! Lots of stuff going on and long days keep me from posting as often as I would like. Also not actually having a farm means I am just hanging out waiting on plants to grow.

I can’t wait till the day when I have my farm with a garden to tend and animals in my care! It kinda consumes most of my thoughts.

The only new exciting things on the balcony are that some of my peppers are deciding to come show their faces, and I have my first strawberry. I looked up how to pollinate the flower(super easy) and went for it.

I can’t wait till more of the plants start growing larger and bearing fruit! Now onto the pictures!


A place of solitude

Today SUCKED. I have no idea what happened, but nothing went right for me at work today. Thankfully our little garden is proving to be worth more than a little experiment. After getting home and ditching the tie, it was time to have Grace help me water our plants.

My apartment balcony truly has transformed from a block of concrete with metal bars, to a place where I can get some peace and solitude with just the slide of a door.

I am amazed daily that the plants are not only growing, but actually look to be very healthy and thriving. For that I am thankful I did not inherit my mothers black thumb.

I never met my mothers father, he died when she was young, but he was a botanist or horticulturist, or something like that. He was in charge of the gardens at the Cheekwood mansion here in Nashville. I apparently got his green thumb in the trading of genes.

Now for the important stuff, more pictures!!!


They’re alive(said in frankenstien style voice)

I keep meaning to post to share that the dang veggies have sprouted, but I wanted to take some pictures first. So this morning after watering we busted out the camera to get a little intimate with the new kids on the block.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and the only late ones to the party so far are the peppers, go figure.


The future is bright

It looks like I might get to try my hand at an actual garden before I anticipated! One of the guys at work and I have been discussing how we can form a business together by farming. He potentially has 7 acres we can use and at least get our feet wet with little invested to see what works for us!

I can’t wait to start moving some dirt and seeing what we are capable of! Two young family men with a ton of drive and motivation aught to be able to tackle alot and I will keep you updated with our trials and errors.

I will still be doing the balcony garden though, and I can’t wait to see if it is successful or not.

Beens a sprouting

I know that seeds take time to grow and become the seedlings I anxiously await, but dang it I am very impatient. Two nights ago brought storms and a cold front and frost this morning. My basil and rosemary don’t like that one bit, they are very droopy. I hope pull out of this funk but if not, at least my cilantro, mint, and oregano are doing well.


This morning I had to go get Grace from her Uncle’s house, so we made a morning of it. We went to Lowes and got some mulch and a new watering can(much better and easier to use). Also while we were out we decided to get my wife an early mothers day present. We are now the proud owners of a Kitchen Aide stand mixer. With the new tool I am ready to try and make homemade bread again!

We returned home to take care of the plants and eat some lunch before we head to the zoo for the afternoon. To my surprise we actually have bush beans beginning to sprout, I’m so excited! Also the other day I was looking in the pallet and discovered that the herb seeds I dumped when I stood the pallet up are starting to sprout as well. Can’t wait to see what actually happens and if we get anything harvestable.


and some before and after mulch